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Do you want your site listed on more than 400 of the best search engines and directories? The importance of search engines can't be overlooked because they are the most popular method by which sites are discovered. Like a road map, search engines and web directories provide potential customers directions to the web sites they need. Without a road map customers are blind, only finding web sites they stumble into in the dark.

In conventional retail sales, the major key to success is location! location! location! With e-commerce sales the same rules apply however, on the Internet location is not physical but virtual. In the virtual world of the Internet location translates into visibility and awareness of your site. Trying to sell on the Internet without being listed on search engines is like trying to sell from a back alley.

With HyperSubmit from Energetex and Bpath, your site will be submitted to over 400 search engines and directories that will maximize your exposure. If you choose, you can submit your site to an additional 200 country specific search engines for France, Germany, Israel, Italy and the United Kingdom. Billed on your credit card by Bpath, HyperSubmit is an annual pre-paid service that will automatically submit your site every month for a year. For as little as pennies a day, can you afford not to be listed?  Sign-up now and you'll soon learn how you can increase the visibility, sales and success of your site.