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Country Registry Fee #of years 

SouthAmerica Domains 

.cl Chile 85 2 years Argentina 300 1 year Brasil 550 1 year Bolivia 350 1 year Peru 118 1 year Colombia 300 2 years Ecuador 224 1 year Uruguay 150 1 year venezuela 100 1 year Paraguay 350 1 year 

CentralAmerica Domains Mexico 200 1 year Costa rica 100 1 year Cuba 270 1 year Rep. Dominicana 140 1 year Guatemala 180 2 years Honduras 270 170 1 year Nicaragua 190 1 year Panama 190 170 2 years Puerto Rico 190 2 years El salvador 180 1 year
.ms Isla Montserrat 100 1 year
.tc Turcos y Caicos 100 1 year
.vg Islas Virgenes britanicas 100 1year
.ag Antigua & Bermuda 450 2 years Antigua & Bermuda 330 2 years

  or use links for more infomation:
Ascension Island (ac)
American Samoa (as)
Andorra (ad)
Argentina (ar)
Australia (au)
Belgium (be)
Brazil (br)
British Indian Ocean Territory (io)
Canada (ca)
Chile (cl)
Costa Rica (cr)
Croatia (hr)
Denmark (dk)
France (fr)
Finland (fi)
Germany (de)
Georgia (ge)
Gibraltar (gi)
Greece (gr)
Iceland (is)
Ireland (ie)
Isle of Man (im)
Italy (it)
Japan (jp)
Korea, Republic of (kr)
Liechtenstein (li)
Lithuania (lt)
Luxembourg (lu)
Malta (mt)
Mexico (mx)
Micronesia (fm)
Myanmar (mm)
Netherlands (nl)
New Zealand (nz)
Niue (nu)
Pakistan (pk)
Panama (pa)
Peru (pe)
Portugal (pt)
Russia (ru)
Singapore (sg)
Slovakia (sk)
Spain (es)
St. Helena (st)
Sweden (se)
Switzerland (ch)
Thailand (th)
Tonga (to)
United Kingdom (uk)
Venezuela (ve)
Yugoslavia (yu)
If you like to register in any of this domains ,please send e-mail to