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Frequently Asked Questions

Registrar's Role - General
  • What will be the Registrar's role?
  • What is the nature of the relationship between Registrars and CIRA?
  • Whose responsibility is it to manage the relationship with Registrants (.ca Domain Name holders)?
  • What is the nature of the relationship between Registrars and Registrants?
  • What is CIRA's role in promoting Registrars?

    Registrar's Role - Pre-Transfer Registration Period
  • What is the Pre-transfer Registration Period, and when does it begin?
  • When will Registrars start processing registrations?
  • When will Registrars start charging .ca Domain Name Applicants and Registrants? How will the fees be set?
  • Who sets the fees for CIRA-Certified Registrars?
  • Will Registrars need to set up their own systems?
  • How will Registrars submit Domain Name requests to CIRA during the Pre-transfer Registration Period?
  • When does the Pre-transfer Registration Period end?

    Registrar's Role - After Operational Transfer
  • How will the Registrar's role change after the Operational Transfer Date?
  • Are the new rules developed?

    Registrant Applicants - New .ca Domain Name Requests
  • What is a Registrant Applicant?
  • When can Registrant Applicants start registering new .ca Domain Names through the services of CIRA-certified Registrars?
  • Where should applications for new .ca Domain Name registrations be directed during the Pre-transfer Registration Period?
  • When will CIRA start operating the new Registry?
  • How do I register a new .ca Domain Name after the Operational Transfer Date?
  • How can I determine if a name is available?
  • How do I register a new .ca Domain Name once the new rules are implemented?
  • Will .ca Registrants have portability of their Domain Name registrations between CIRA-certified Registrars?
  • How will Domain Name applications be approved?

    Rules For Registration
  • How many .ca Domain Names can an organization or individual register?
  • Can anything be registered as a Domain Name?
  • To whom will a Domain Name be registered, if there are two requests for the same Domain Name?
  • What is the dispute resolution process?
  • Why does CIRA need to have a .ca Domain Name dispute resolution process?

    Registry Transfer
  • When does CIRA become the official .ca Registry?
  • What about sub-level .ca domains like - what happens to those domains?
  • How can someone find out if a third or fourth level name is available for upgrade?
  • If the upgrade is requested during pre-registration, is the existing third or fourth level Domain Name automatically lost?
  • What if I cannot upgrade my Domain Name - may I keep my third or fourth level domain?
  • Will CIRA keep registering 3rd and 4th level Domain Names after the Operational Transfer Date?

  • What is CIRA?
  • When did CIRA begin operations?
  • What will CIRA's activities be?
  • How is CIRA governed?
  • Who was responsible for registering the .ca doma in before CIRA?
  • What is CANARIE's role in all this?

    Domain Names - General Information
  • What is a Domain Name?
  • What is the Domain Name System (DNS)?
  • What is a top-level domain?
  • How does .ca differ from .COM?